Guide to Accredited Physical Therapist Assistant Schools

Complete List of Campuses that have Physical Therapist Assistant Programs

The most common injury in a hospital is often times sports related or something in between and the candidates that get these injuries most often turn out to be children. When a grievous injury strikes it is now in the hands of a physical therapist to undo the damage in the best way she or he can perform.

Physical therapy is the application of physical care and rehabilitation. If someone is injured to the point their motor functions are not where they need to be it is the job of the physical therapist to correct that. They will often times put a patient through rigorous procedures in order to fix and maintain any ailments the human body has gone through.

This, however, isn’t only relegated to injury; it can be implemented to the elderly whose mobility starts to degrade as time goes on. Physical therapists will often times test the inured or the elderly with various physical movements such as running, jumping, simple walking, or anything else. It is built as a way to make a person readjust to a certain way of life they lost, to make it much easier for themselves and to make a way for a person’s quality of life to improve or return to the way it one was before the ailments struck them. This by no means will instantly cure people of their physical abnormalities but it will essentially get them the closest they’ve been in a long time to living a normal life despite having a few problems in a physical nature.


Physical therapy requires a keen sense of perception, you must know exactly what needs to be done when a patient is present and you mustn’t be afraid to go hands on with a patient in terms of adjustment to whatever area of their body requires it. The first step to rehabilitation is learning how to cope with a physical ailment and that starts with actually taking the time to “relearn” how to walk on it.

Direct Master’s Degree

In the beginning, physical therapy had a bachelor’s degree but as time went on it the bachelor’s degree eventually died off and was replaced with a strict master’s degree and doctrine. With the master’s degree you need to complete two years of work, the first year you are in a classroom learning important concepts about physical therapy and the second year will require actual field work in which you will practice in a real-live clinical setting in which you will have to deal with real patients.

Direct Entry Doctrine

This is an excellent choice for anyone who had originally completed the bachelor’s degree and moved on straight to the doctrine. You will do much of the same as the master’s degree but the amount of time in which you will do it will be within three years in place of the usual two, you will do much field work and be less supervised to simulate exactly what it means to be a physical therapist.

Financial Aid

For someone seeking a degree in physical therapy you will most likely have had a slew of sports extracurricular activities under their belt as well as health related classes that teach you exactly how certain things work in the world of physical therapy. To expect a full ride you will need to meet certain merits and physical therapy is a very abundant major when you’re looking to achieve a full ride scholarship. If you’re looking to get financial aid you simply need to check your college and ask what’s available and you will need to meet their specifications in order to find out what exactly it is you need to do.


  • Alabama State University

    • Address: 915 South Jackson Street Montgomery, AL 36104
    • Phone: (334) 834-6236
  • Belmont University

    • Address: 1900 Belmont Boulevard Nashville, TN 37212-3757
    • Phone: (615) 460-6000
  • Boston University

    • Address: 1 University Road, Boston, MA
    • Phone: (617) 353-9000
  • Central Michigan University

    • Address: 4305 Susquehanna Avenue Aberdeen Prv Grd, MD 21005
    • Phone: (410) 272-1532
  • Florida Gulf Coast University

    • Address: 117 Herald Court Punta Gorda, Florida 33950
    • Phone: (941) 505-0130


The average pay rate of a physical therapist on a yearly salary would be somewhere in the ball park of $79,000. This number will change depending on where you house your services, are you independent? Do you work at a hospital? Usually if you are your own boss you will be paid the lower amount but if you are employed by, say a hospital, you will be paid much more handsomely depending on your experience as well as you choice in a degree.


In general a Physical therapist is a person that can work in various different venues such as hospitals, gyms, or an independent practitioner but all offer the same services when it comes down to a patient’s physical rehabilitation. Although the methodology can vary from therapist to therapist, the basic results remain the same, and you must be knowledgeable of the human body and how it works in order to treat any sort of ailment here and abroad.

Physical Therapy is a common necessity we all must have if we choose to be athletically active in any sporting career, if you receive a bodily injury a physical therapist is the only person who can help you literally get back on your feet if you have problems with mobility. The same can be said for patients who have fallen or have problems standing and wobbling around, the treatments and physical nature of the job are a must in order to bring about the cure of any physical detriment.